Timeline and Key Achievements

Since founding Alexis Miranda Foundation in 2013, We have learned how immense the need for special needs advocates and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) interventions are. This is still true for us not only in the New England area but even more so in Ghana, West Africa. Because although there are Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and their services are highly sought after around the world there is still a great need for social interventions for children on the spectrum in the New England area. Not so with the Ghana Situation where they have no BCBAs, as such they have to rely solely on external support from visiting professionals, volunteers and especially BCBAs who occasionally visit that part of the world. As such, we work to support social groups for children with Autism such as the Andover Buddy Group and the My Own Voice choir in the New England area along with several students with Autism and a number of Autism schools and centers in Ghana. We recently renovated one of the Special schools called Dzorwulu Special school and set up an Autism Resource Center in order to maximize our impact. In order to continue doing the exceptional work we undertake funding is crucial and so we welcome all supporters to join our cause.

The following highlights our timeline and key achievements over the years.


  • Registered as a nonprofit and received 501(c)(3) status 
  • Distribution of personal and medical supplies to New Horizon special school.


  • Donation of medical and personal supplies to the Accra Psychiatric Hospital.


  • Party and donation to students of New Horizon School
  • Revived the New Horizon special school garden



  • Foundation registered in Ghana
  • Collaborated with the Autism Society of Ghana and held a 5 Mile walk up the Aburi mountain for Autism Awareness month
  • Organized and held our Inaugural Fundraiser in Accra, Ghana ;
  • Trained our first full time employee from Ghana to receive the Registered Behavior Technician Certification;
  • Had first Talks on Autism at various Elementary, Junior and Senior High Schools  ( understanding our differences);
  • Began the setup of Autism Resource Center and renovation of Dzorwulu Special school;
  • Organized Christmas Parties for 4 Special Schools in Ghana and 1 Choir for children with Special needs in Boston (My Own Voice Choir) 


  • Talks on Autism awareness, inclusion and acceptance on an ongoing basis;
  • Completion and Inauguration of the Autism Resource Center and Renovation of Dzorwulu Special School project;
  • Organized and held inceptive National “Trainer of Trainers” workshop taking professionals from the US, (1 BCBA Board Certified Behavior Analyst and 1 Master level Special Educator)  to Ghana as trainers and resource people.
  • Organized annual fundraiser in Boston, Massachusetts.  
  • Participated in the Autism Speaks Boston walk.
  • Held a Christmas party for children with Autism and their families in Boston. 
  • December 20, 2018 AMF Ghana also gave some clothes and shoes to the students of Dzorwulu Special school thanks to some generous donations this giving season. The Children were excited and could not wait to try on the items.
  • As part of activities to mark International Day for Persons with Disabilities,there was a medical outreach programme as Alexis Miranda Foundation we joined the National Council on Persons with Disability(NCPD) and Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection to provide free Speech Therapy assessments and offered free speech assessments and communication strategies for persons with Communication Disabilities. 
  • Donation to gas explosion victims in the Merrimack Valley( Andover, North Andover and Lawrence) in October.
  •  Our resident Speech and Language Pathologist through her efforts represented Alexis Miranda Foundation(AMF) and was able to participate in the “Day of Help” in the Northern Region, the biggest Medical Outreach Program in Ghana. 


  • Organized and held our second walk for Autism Awareness month in Ghana.
  • Held an awards and Recognition event to recognize our donors and sponsors in Ghana in recognition of the work their support helped us achieve. 
  • Recorded an audio series of our Autism awareness message in English and other local Ghanaian languages which were played on air daily as part of our Autism Awareness month activities.
  • Spoke on Radio and Television shows raising awareness on Autism.
  • In July our resident Speech and Language Therapist represented AMF at the AutismDT event presented on “The use of Lowtech Augmentative and Alternative Communication(AAC) to support persons on the Autism Spectrum”. Parents were encouraged to embrace AAC as another means of communication.The presentation also addressed myths surrounding AAC. One of which is, “it further delays the child’s communication”, which is untrue. AAC on the contrary enriches a child’s vocabulary and helps to improve their social interaction skills both at home and in school.
  • Continued talks on Autism and understanding our differences in Ghana.
  • GUBA (Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards) USA Charity of the Year nominee