Alexis Miranda Foundation revives special school’s garden

Reprinted from GhanaWeb

Alexis Miranda Foundation (AMF), a USA based Non-Profit Organisation has provided a new school garden for the pupils of New Horizon Special School to enhance teaching and learning.

AMF was established to help increase Autism awareness globally and to support families and providers of children with learning disabilities. AMF is committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families impacted by Autism and other disabilities. The goal of the foundation is to provide comprehensive professional services to children who are affected and help them reach their maximum potential and thrive in their communities. The organization helps families with advocacy, educational, therapeutic and recreational programs.

Explaining the rationale behind AMF’s donation, Mrs. Lynn Dadzie-Yeboah posited that her foundation believes in transforming communities by taking on small but sustainable projects with long term profits for the beneficiaries. The farm will be a place where the students can be taught gardening skill. For the targeted student population, the farming experience will help with fine and gross motor skills.

“The students will learn patience by waiting for seed to sprout and watch them grow. Consistently going to the farm will also build a sense of responsibility and at harvest time the students will feel a sense of accomplishment when they see their produce”, Mrs. Lynn Dadzie-Yeboah, founder of AMF indicated in a speech read on behalf of her by Mrs. Juliette Mills-Lutterodt.

Though farming is wildly believed to eradicate hunger and poverty, she noted that farming for this student population will be a way for the community to come together often to tend to the garden. She was of hope that the school would maintain the project and encourage the students and their families to be involved.

The foundation commissioned Farmer Torks Greenies to develop and implement an agriculture program which would provide graduates of the agricultural knowledge and tools to start their own farms.
AMF donated seeds and seedlings of fruits, herbs and vegetables, farming tools and equipment like water cans, wheel barrows, hoses as well as garden forks to turn the soil.

According to Lynn Dazie-Yeboah, the tools would help the students in clearing and preparing the land, dig, plant and irrigate the crops as a way of learning general farming techniques. AMF anticipates the school would consume 70% of their harvest, sell 20% and replant 10% for the following season.

Aside preparing a land and making it ready for farming activities, AMF commissioned a painter to paint the walls and then commissioned a very talented artist Odei Nyamekye Green to draw mural of vegetables and boys watering the plants on the wall. We believe the beautiful art on the wall will entice the students to want to spend more time in the garden.

Since October is breast cancer awareness month, AMF sponsored a Breast Cancer Awareness information session which was presented by Mrs. Juliette Mills-Lutterodt, Founder and President of Pink for Africa. She was there to deepen the campaign on breast cancer awareness to the hearing of parents and staff of the school.

At a colourful event over the weekend to hand over the garden to authorities of New Horizon Special School, parents and teachers planted the fruits and vegetables seedlings which came with the donation package by AMF.
A joyous Mrs. Vanessa Adu Akorsa, Principal of New Horizon Special School asserted that the garden as provided by AMF is an upgrade of a garden that used to exist in the school some years ago.

According to her there was no excuse to allow the new garden fail because maintenance culture would involve parents, pupils and teachers as well as extension supervision from AMF.

Describing it as the kind of donation the school prefers, Mrs. Akorsa it would help with the running of the school, production of food improve the children’s coordination the growth of their motor skills.

The principal after recalling previous encounter with Mrs. Lynn Dadzie-Yeboah, noticed that her donation was for the long term of project and how they can impact both pupil and the family.

“Each time she comes, she goes a step further to see how she can ground these parents so that their children are not forever dependent but work towards independence”, she added.

Recalled Christmas party (first encounter), she gave the best. Second time was a valentine day treat where the symbol was love because most of them do not get that kind of love they need at home. Who thinks about the special child but she did. The things she presents are very rare, making her believe that she has the passion.

She made a promise on behalf of the school to make sure the garden does not die but grow to meet the needs of the pupils and their families.
The principal there prayed benevolent societies, to see the gesture done them by AMF as an example and wealthy of emulation.


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